Banking and Plugins

Banking and Plugins

Plugins are all around us; bulbs, traffic lights, signs, car headlights, even the gum in our mouth :). Plugins are not electric rails, freeways, cars or main meals. Plugins makes life easier, colors and beautifies. Without the add-ons, the cars would crash, the traffic would get mixed up, and nobody would have been comfortable living. That’s what plugins do; makes life livable. This situation is no different in the digital world.

A world without attachments is chaotic. API’s save lives. Video is our new glasses that make sense of the world.

Now I want to introduce you to Musa and Ansar. As Musa, Arge Engineer, he is working at the headquarters of an international bank. Ensar works as a data analyst in a bank. They are the brains of this business.

Banking is now almost entirely digital. Every day a new fintech is working to change the world because banks are on the nerves of our modern life. Losing is out of the question for them. Therefore, the banking sector is one of the fastest digitizing sectors in the world.

We asked our banker friends:

1-How is digitalization in banks?

2-How do they meet the plug-in needs and are video solutions used in the industry?

Musa says there is a tremendous digitalization race in banks. There is a big revolution in finance. Intelligent technologies (Cloud, Artificial Intelligence etc.) are among the biggest trends.

Musa says that banks’ investments in research and development are enormous because banks do not easily outsource to protect their data. They develop products and services in their IT departments for important software-related issues.

Very automated systems are developing in the banking field. In addition, banks are working with large companies for Api solutions because everything is too valuable to be risked. Plugins develop tremendous competition in direct-to-customer solutions. Institutionally, it makes things easier to a great extent. It speeds things up in business-to-business approaches. Time is actually the most valuable capital for banking. A bank must maintain its speed, scale and reputation. For this, one of the most basic elements at hand is digitalization.

Musa continues his opinions as a bank as follows: Banks need add-on and API solutions in every field, in the field of investment banking in video services. In fact, an artificial intelligence-powered visual digital assistant would give a bank a great competitive edge. This idea came to my mind now 🙂

Ansar also agrees with Musa in the point that banks want to produce their own solutions. The most important security issue for banks is that data are not processed by third parties. There are services that the bank receives through outsourhing, but these are usually add-on solutions. They always want to make the main systems themselves at the beginning.

Powerful add-ons and adaptation to the evolving visual world are indispensable for banks. There is a big market in this area. We look forward to your contributions 🙂

We thank Ansar and Musa for their views. We hope this article will contribute to banks and solution providers in digitalization.


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