Law and the Future of Video Services and Plugins

Law and the Future of Video Services and Plugins

Hello Dear Reader,

We wrote this blog post to understand the video service and add-on needs in the digitalized legal sector. We hope that this study will be beneficial to individuals and companies providing digital legal services.

We had a meeting with 3 valuable lawyers to understand the future of video services in law. John, Jack and Michael provided useful information to help us understand the needs of the legal industry. John is a lawyer at a private firm. Jack is a criminal law lawyer. Michael, on the other hand, just finished law school and is preparing for the law exams for being the judge. We thank you for their contribution to digital law.

The topic of the conversation was:

1-How do video call solutions contribute to the field of digital legal services?

2-What add-ons are required for digital legal services?

3-What are the priorities and problems in the digitalization of legal services?

4-How should solutions be produced for these?

John, a lawyer at a private firm, drew attention to 3 issues in his speech to provide digital legal services in an efficient, effective and fair manner:

1-Transfer of Money


3-Reminder and Analysis

John mentions that video calling is very important for legal services. He tells us that he will make a great contribution. In addition, video calls also require special plugins for legal field.

The biggest problem with digital legal services was the transfer of money for John. Depending on the relationship established with the customers, the issue of hourly payment may become uncertain. In order to prevent this, video call time must be charged. So John says, ‘No matter how much video calls are made, the pricing should be accordingly.’

Another point that John draws attention to is archiving. Archive is very important, dynamic and fundamental in law. Therefore, there is storage of the video conversation. Profile entries and recording capability are required for this storage to exist.

Finally, John definitely wants to analyze his customers. They want to save their work to the account on the platform and organize their work on the platform. Lawyers also want the digital legal platform to serve as digital assistants.

Jack drew attention to a very different and specific subject. Especially in the criminal law, the client cares very much how long a case will last. Communication is not a priority for the client. Jack thinks the length of the case is more important to the client.

Hearings are currently being prepared for remote work. Digitalization is increasing, but these are always done for the development of lawyers and law firms in the legal system. Not much technology is produced for clients. It should be possible to analyze the cases of the clients together with their examples and to predict when the client will end the case. Such an algorithm can be very useful for clients.

Michael thinks the matter commercially. He thinks that video services and API add-ons are very useful, especially for business to business (B2B).

In addition, in some countries, lawyers cannot carry out advertising activities. Advertising is prohibited for lawyers and firms. In this regard, the laws of the relevant countries should be investigated.

We thank John, Jack and Michael for the valuable information they provided. We hope that the article will provide the expected contribution to people in the relevant industry.


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